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The story of CanniVie is a very simple one. It was established by Erica Lane, an entrepreneur who has been in business for over 20 years. While she is a pioneer in bringing CBD products to market, she noticed a huge gap that did not take care of the needs of women specifically. The gap she saw in the CBD industry sparked her interest in developing CanniVie products. CanniVie aspires to bridge this gap by producing a range of products for our fitness, our skin, our hair and our self care. She also understands that there is enough room for all women to win. She loves to see women grow, so she has leveraged those business relationships to allow our brand to coach women on building a product business, wholesaling or even brand partnerships.

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Do you want to get the Cannivie line of products to sell at your business? No problem. We sell the product at discount rates to wholesalers who buy in bulk and want to resell! (We even give you marketing materials inclusive of window decals etc) This is a great option for businesses like salons, spas, estheticians, massage therapists, retail stores, e-stores, re-sellers and more! Fill out the quick form below and place your whole sale order.


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