About Us

We are cannivie

Our Story

The story of CanniVie is a very simple one. It was established by Erica Lane, an entrepreneur who has been in business for over 20 years. While she is a pioneer in bringing CBD products to market, she noticed a huge gap that did not take care of the needs of women specifically. The gap she saw in the CBD industry sparked her interest in developing CanniVie products. CanniVie aspires to bridge this gap by producing a range of products for our fitness, our skin, our hair and our self care.

She also understands that there is enough room for all women to win. She loves to see women grow, so she has leveraged those business relationships to allow our brand to coach women on building a product business, wholesaling or even brand partnerships.

CanniVie Is a premium and luxurious fitness, beauty, hair and self-care line for women, powered by CBD. We want you to feel good and look good, Hence we provide you with elegant products that moisturize & renew your skin  assist in getting fit, and relax and take care of you . We are committed to bringing you the highest quality and most effective products for your fitness, beauty, hair and self-care needs. Our product is carefully formulated to ensure high quality isolate. At CanniVie, we offer a wide range of high-quality products for a flawless look, which ranges from facial washes, facial cleanser to moisturizers, mud masks and so many more for the beauty, our hair products also ranges from Hair masques, shampoos to conditioners, and growth serum for hair. Self-care covers massage lotion, bath bombs, foot creams, and pain relief creams. Our fitness line covers appetite suppressing sprays, pain relief rub and slimming shapewear.

Our mission:

At  Cannivie, we believe the beauty of a woman lies in her fitness, hair and self-care hence our mission to build the pride and self-confidence of every woman through the provision of the best quality beauty,  fitness, hair and self-care products that are carefully designed to bring out individuality and natural beauty. More important is our intention to provide unforgettable customer experiences.

Our entire range is 100% natural, no animal testing, non GMO and they are diligently made in USA. Our products are suitable for everyone though our brand is targeted to women who want natural products to make them feel like the royalty they are. Additionally, we believe in educating our customers as we teach classes to help women build their own products wholesale or partner with an existing brand.

We, at CanniVie pride ourselves on the quality and quantity of pure and natural ingredients that we use in our products as quality, integrity, and excellent customer service are our core values. We put a lot of care into making our products to ensure you are guaranteed pure and natural products.  Our brand is a one-stop center for beauty, fitness, hair products and self-care products.