CanniVie At Ease Massage Lotion


Massage lotions are the perfect go-to for people who need a boost of relaxation when they’re stressed or tired out due to a hectic day. CanniVie presents its very own massage lotion, At Ease, which gives an overall soothing effect that helps you feel calm and relaxed!

The composition of At Ease leaves a lasting scent and makes you feel like all your worries have vanished into thin air! CanniVie makes use of organic compounds such as CBD, derived directly from certified industrial hemp, that will alleviate your mood and give you a refreshed feeling. The glyceryl alcohol and glyceryl stearate are soothing agents that release endorphins which send relaxing signals to the nervous system. At Ease can be rubbed before bed to make sure that you get a deep comfortable sleep so you wake up fresh for the next day! We make sure that the lotion is easily usable and is lightly scented as to not overpower your senses. The moisturizing effect of the lotion automatically helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and make you feel relieved of all stress.

You can get our scientifically backed lotion that will improve your working through the day, plus it can be bought for a nominal cost! We focus on building valuable customer relations, so buy At Ease right now and say hello to a peaceful life.

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