CanniVie Lavender Hair Therapy Splash Conditioner


Our Lavender Rejuvenating Splash conditioner wonderfully complements our Lavender Rejuvenating Splish shampoo as it adds an extra layer of beauty and silkiness to your already perfect hair! We utilize CBD extracted from our certified industrial hemp that ensures that your hair looks gorgeous after each wash. The addition of essential oils and organic compounds makes this conditioner superior to its competitors.

CanniVie is a brand that heavily focuses on quality and makes sure that each product is a staple of fashion. This conditioner will leave a scent that will make your hair not only smell good but will soothe your senses as well. The CBD added in our formula is known to make your hair follicles healthy and your hair thick so you can slay your hair with any new fashionable look. Our Splish and Splash combo is a duo that is known to perfectly enhance your hair quality thanks to the awesome ingredients that make it up.

You will feel rejuvenated with this unique formula and your beauty routine will be enhanced with the inclusion of our Lavender Rejuvenating Splash! You can buy this product at a nominal cost or as a part of our exclusive packages that will bring you exciting CanniVie products in wonderful deals!

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