CanniVie Renew Bundle


How to use

Looking to polish up those twinkle toes? This set has all the things needed for a nice pedicure. Give your feet the care they deserve, and they will take you places. Scrub those feet with our foot scrub sponge and apply some Renew Heel &Foot therapy lotion to moisturize those tired heels.

Benefits of our Amazing Ingredients

This scientifically proven lotion helps improve your productivity levels by giving you’re the focus and strength needed for the day.  The use of organic compounds like CBD keeps your refreshed and improves your mood.  Its neuroprotective properties help improve your nervous system making it stronger.

Available on backorder

This bundle is a more precise version of the Rejuvenate gift set. It contains everything you need for your nighttime routine. This package is convenient and totally worth it. With this bundle, you can get all the products you need at a discounted price. The gift set has all the things you need for a basic pedicure. Get yourself this mini pedicure kit and give your feet some rest.


  • Renew Heel & Foot Therapy Lotion
  • At Ease Massage Lotion
  • Foot Scrub Sponge
  • Green Quartz Jade Roller
  • Silk Sleeping Mask
  • $10 Gift Card Code to use on
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