Crown LaVie Hair Care Set


How to use

Prepare for an intense wash session with the CannieVie Splish Shampoo followed by a soothing massage with the CanniVie Splash conditioner and have a relaxing shower.

Benefits of our Amazing Ingredients

If your hair seems dull and suffers from split ends, you will grow to love the items in this basket. The inclusion of coconut oil along with other essential oils nourishes your hair helping them grow longer and stronger. The use of conditioner after will give your hair the strength it needs leaving the pleasant scent of lavender behind. The scalp massager is just an added benefit of the bundle. Use the scalp massager to spread the conditioner evenly across the ends while simultaneously releasing the blood flow allowing it to deposit the beneficial nutrients at the roots.

In stock

This little bundle of joy is perfect for your hair care. The lovely lavender scented splish splash shampoo and conditioner revives the hair and makes it look more luscious and stronger. While the Crown Euphoria Hair Masque deeply moisturizes hair and reverses damage. The organic ingredients inside save it from the damage caused by an ordinary shampoo. Our industrially derived CBD promises to leave your hair feeling silky soft and moisturized.

This basket is a gift that keeps on giving. The gift card in the basket is an added benefit that allows you to choose any product from our range. Get our Crown LaVie Hair Care Set for that hair therapy session that you’ve been neglecting and get your crown’s self-care on!

  • CanniVie Splish Shampoo 16oz
  • CanniVie Splash Conditioner 16oz
  • Crown Euphoria Hair Masque 8oz
  • Scalp Massager (black)
  • $10 Gift Card Code to use on
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