CanniVie Splish Splash Bundle – Lavender Hair Therapy

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CanniVie has introduced its wonderful line of beauty products that are loved by the masses. The Lavender Rejuvenating Splish and Splash is an active part of the said line, which will moisturize and beautify your hair thus leaving a lovely look! Shampoos are often shown to damage your hair but this specific shampoo has been composed of organic products, and our certified industrially derived CBD, that will not only make your hair silky smooth but healthy as well.

People who look to grow their hair will find Lavender Rejuvenating Splish beneficial as the inclusion of coconut oil and other essential oils will attribute to hair growth, all the while keeping each strand of hair fresh and healthy after continuous use. You need to leave other shampoos and conditioners on the shelf and safely choose this lavender-infused shampoo/conditioner combo that will give a soothing effect with the pleasant smell of the gorgeous lavender. Hair requires consistent use of organic products and this lavender shampoo can be used for effective growth!

CanniVie heavily focuses on customer comfort so Lavender Rejuvenating Splish is made to leave a silky touch and a scent that will surely get you compliments from everyone. It is time for you to get this premium shampoo from to make your beauty routine a part of your health routine.

Pack includes:

  • CanniVie Splish Shampoo 16oz
  • CanniVie Splash Conditioner 16oz
  • Scalp Massager (green or pink)
  • $10 Gift Card Code to use on
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