CanniVie Lip Sooth Cherry


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Most people suffer from dryness in winters, so we, CanniVie, proudly introduce our Lip Sooth balm that has a unique organic formula! The mixtures of various moisturizing agents and oils with CBD derived directly from our certified industrial hemp will make your lips smoother than ever.

The flakes on the lips usually start to wear off the skin thus leading to painful blisters. Coconut oil is a moisturizing agent that leaves a soothing sensation and makes sure that no dry flakes are left. Sunflower oil when blended with beeswax and castor seed oil makes sure that the dryness does not penetrate the lower levels of skin on the lips. The inclusion of CBD sourced from industrial hemp has wonderful properties that are known to cure blisters and inflammation. Your lips will feel rejuvenated once you apply our Lip Sooth!

CanniVie looks to make products that become a customer favorite with a favorable smell and pleasant feel. The cocoa seed butter gives off a scent that makes this lip balm effective and easy to use. Our products are backed with scientific research and are shown to cure the issue up to the root level! Get our Lip Sooth and keep it handy this winter to have luscious moisturized lips all day long.

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