CanniVie RENEW Peppermint Foot Therapy


CanniVie Renew Peppermint Foot Therapy is made of organic products that will not only leave your foot soothed from any blisters or cracks but would also leave it moisturized! Foot rubs are made to rejuvenate your skin on the feet. This area of skin is sensitive and requires extreme care so you should only use premium products, like our Renew Peppermint, that not only cure but nourish your skin.

Your skin will glow as the use of our certified industrially hemp-derived CBD in this product is shown to make your skin minerals rejuvenated. The body requires essential oils and the inclusion of these oils will leave smooth skin that will keep your feet comfortable when walking. You can wear any of your favorite shoes and not worry about cracking your heels as this foot rub will keep them hydrated and clear from any blisters!

CanniVie is a brand that focuses on customer care, so we have produced a beauty product that will cater to all skin types. The hydration effect will keep your feet moisturized and sparkling beautiful for your friends to see. You can get this product as a part of our bundles or on its own at a nominal cost. CanniVie will impress you with the inclusion of natural products that are totally beneficial for you!

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