Vend Successfully MasterClass


Next Class: Nov 30 8pm EST

  • How To Get Paid 5 Ways From EVERY Event
  • How To Select Productive Events
  • How To Properly Prepare For Each Event
  • Must Do Event Day Logistics
  • How To Monetize The Follow Up
  • 60 Minute Online Class

Ticket gives you one time access to the class. Includes private Q&A session, directly after class. Vend Successfully Package (vendor docs, worksheets and checklists) plus workbook.

The Vend Successfully Masterclass course can change your outlook on gaining profits. This is a revolutionary class that can be availed at a price of $297 CanniVie caters to its customers in all aspects and helps them learn the skills to make profitability a virtue. Essential questions will be answered which includes how to get paid 5 ways from every event post pandemic. These skills will come in handy for you to gain all the liquidity.

Vendors are often confused as to what events to choose from, our experts will teach you how to hit the jackpot spot on. Moving on, CanniVie will give you the set of skills to be efficiently prepared to earn profits. All the pre-event rituals will be laid out to you so you are all set to succeed at the event.

We are a brand of customer care and we focus on nurturing customer relations, so this is a 60-minute online class that will answer all your queries. Furthermore, you will be taught the logistics for the event day. Lastly, a briefing will be given on how to monetize the follow up so you succeed when the audience gives a response. Get this course now to efficiently increase your potential!

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