Vibrant Elan Facial Toner


A perfect blend of CBD and essential skin nutrients, Vibrant Elan Facial Toner is packed with numerous benefits for your skin. Here are just a few: helps remove dirt, environmental toxins, oil build up and other residues. Helps tighten facial pores, hydrates skin to help maintain elasticity, creates a fresher, cleaner, and less oily appearance. Supports healthy skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated!

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• Removes environmental toxins and other chemical residues
• Shrinks & tightens facial pores to reduce oil and toxin build-up
• Hydrates skin and helps maintain elasticity
• Creates a fresher, cleaner and less oily appearance
• Restores skin and helps to balance the pH level
• Provides essential skin nutrients
• Helps to keep the your skin healthy & balanced
• Leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and cleansed

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